May 25, 2016 0

Offix Group: Investment, New Divisions, Swiss Industry Leader

The Offix Group continues its growth since the merger last year with an investment in facilities and a modernisation programme. It now is the leading supplier of stationery and office supplies.

Offix Group Round Up

  • In Aaburg Offix have just completed a 4m CHf investment to their facilities, improving and modernising their logistics and office centre to a world class facility.
  • Offix have created a new division called “Office Leader”. This has been created to complement the three existing channels of Papedis, Ecomedia and Oridis.
  • Offix is reporting an annual turnover approaching CHF 300 million.
  • Offix is now the Swiss industry leader in office supplies and stationery, employing some 250 employees.
  • They stock some 50,000 items – the biggest range in the sector for office supplies, stationery, printer accessories,
    storage media, mobile and computer peripherals
  • Offix have two state-of-the-art logistics centres (Nänikon & Aarburg)

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