Vendor Partners

BPGI works with the leading office & business supply partners internationally.  Our vendors spend Millions of €’s each year developing exciting new products for the office no matter what its size and our environment.

They have some of the most recognised brands that we use in our daily lives – take a look at them and what’s currently going on by clicking on their logo towards the bottom of this page.

BPGI  Vendor Of The Year Award 2021

The Award Goes To: 3M

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Gareth Farrell, 3M’s Director of Key Accounts commented:

“On behalf of the entire team at 3M, we are very proud and happy to receive this recognition for the collaboration with the BPGI group and its members.  Working together with the members to drive growth and try to mitigate some of the volatility has been challenging and rewarding.  We particularly appreciated the opportunity to meet with the board recently and discuss with a real positive outlook, the plans and opportunities that lie ahead for us as we continue to emerge from the pandemic environment.”

Here are some of those vendor partners:

Business Products Group International LLP ®