March 27, 2019 0

Alkor & Lacoste Group Part Ways

Below, is a letter from Alkor to it’s suppliers for you to read should you wish to find out more more information. (Translated with Google Translate)

Dear Supplier,

As you are undoubtedly aware, the acquisition of Dactyl Buro Office (BOD) by the Lacoste group finalised in last December gave birth to a new national actor in the distribution of Office supplies, school products and furniture.

In your capacity as a supplier and partner of the Alkor cooperative, some for a very long time, you will understand that the new dimension of the Lacoste group appeared hardly compatible with rules of operation of the cooperative Alkor in so that cooperative of traders retailers.

It is therefore, by mutual agreement, that the cooperative Alkor and the company Lacoste  wished to inform you together of the exit of the company Lacoste de la Coopérative.

In practice, the Lacoste company has no longer been a Member of the cooperative since 1 February 2019.However, in good intelligence, it has been agreed that the company Lacoste may continue to supply the wholesale conditions with the logistics platform of Alkor until 31 December 2019 and in surrender to the suppliers until 31 March 2019 use the General catalogues (vintage 2019) Office and school of the capital network .

In this new economic environment, we are convinced that this decision taken in a responsible manner will allow Alkor and its adherents to continue their development in accordance with the values cooperatives that they have always defended and the new Lacoste group to achieve its growth objectives in any independence.

We’ll tell you soon.

Please accept the expression of our best feelings for the cooperative Alkor for the Lacoste group

Jacques Rouard

Bernard Perreau

Business Products Group International LLP ®