January 10, 2018 0

Avery: The Next Generation Inspires The Nation To Be Greener

Green Office Week 2017 launches today and Avery is on a mission to help UK office workers who are keen to go green. With the knowledge that it takes 21 days to change your habits, workforces will be encouraged by Primary School children to make continued small changes that will have a big environmental impact.

For Green Office Week, Avery has created 21 online videos presented by children aged 5-11 years old with effective office eco-solutions. These easy-to-digest tips range from solar power to sharing transport, and electricity savers to eco-friendly office products.

The six-day social media campaign will be run across all Avery UK channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Participants are encouraged to share their own activity, ideas and inspiration using the hashtag #GreenOffice17, with eco-friendly ‘thank-you’ gifts being sent to some of those who made an environmental impact during the week.

As well as watching the videos, visitors to the Green Office Week website can also read the guide to breaking a habit, create their own environmental signs and labels using the Design & Print software, and access fun e-stickers they can send to colleagues as a way of recognising green achievements.

Avery UK marketing director, Fiona Mills said: “It’s been a busy few months as we’ve been working with 12 children to create these 21 inspirational videos. Children learn about the environment from a young age and it’s their planet we need to protect for the future, so we believe they’re perfectly placed to ask for environmental changes to be made. The 20- second films are easy to digest and we hope office workers will watch and share them and implement some of the ideas. Green Office Week has always been about making simple changes that any office, and anyone, can implement but we need people to get involved and share the ideas.”

In one of the videos, Chloe, aged 6 says “I read a book at school called ‘What a Waste’. It was about a man who bought something new whenever it broke or got dirty. You don’t always need to buy something new when things break or get dirty. Try and fix it or buy it second hand.”

Green Office Week takes place each year and the 2017 campaign will build on previous Avery success stories including the Big Green Crowdsourced Guide and the Green Pledges campaign. Avery UK has a range of eco-friendly products from desk-top accessories to recycled paper products.

All the videos are available online now, with additional downloadable materials at www.greenofficeweek.eu. If you’re getting involved in Green Office Week simply use the hashtag #GreenOffice17 and get in touch with Avery by tweeting @UKAvery or sending a message to www.facebook.com/UKAvery.

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