December 21, 2018 0

Durable gets seal of approval for RFID Wallet

Workplace solutions manufacturer, Durable, wins award by the Stationers’ Company.

Durable’s RFID SECURE Credit Card Wallet has built-in security features to stop skimming devices. However, the product’s recognition by The Stationers’ Company for its innovation and excellence could be a game changer in tackling fraud.

With over 100 million contactless bank cards now in circulation in the UK, fraud is an ever-growing concern. Particularly as technology progresses, because fraudsters can use skimming devices to target sensitive data stored on the card. However, Durable’s RFID SECURE Credit Card Wallet has a metal layer fused into the soft outer cover which blocks the signal from the card to the reader. This helps protect a user’s data skimming.

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