September 21, 2020 0

ExaClair receives prestigious nominations

ExaClair Limited receives five nominations from two prestigious awards bodies this summer.

The 2020 Stationery Awards has seen ExaClair gain four nominations over three categories at the 2020 Stationery Awards and the Best of Craft Awards

Award nominations have included Clairefontaine A5 stapled notebook ranges as well as the G. Lalo 100th Anniversatry A5 Compedium Set. There was also the innovative Cocoa Notebooks and Jeans Stationery Collections in the Good Design Award. 

As a nominee of the 2020 Stationery Awards, ExaClair could win for standout design, packaging, functionality, innovation and saleability. They will also look for value for money within that criteria. 

The awards are organised by popular consumer magazine Craft Beautiful.

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