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Fellowes Brands Jérôme Perhaut talks attracting younger talent

Key Account Manager for Fellowes Brands in France, Jerome Perhaut, talks about attracting young people to the industry.

In a recent interview, Perhaut lays out his own journey and observes how solutions have already seen change.

But, he says despite changes to modernise the industry, never undermine the fundamentals of marketing and customer service. Even though, as Perhaut says, digital awareness and savviness is essential to attracting young talent.

Talking of the recent pandemic, Perhaut also realises the sector is not immune to a generic and widespread resistance. “It’s obvious in every channel I deal with” he says. “Naturally, it’s vital to make end consumers understand the benefits of innovative solutions. From a distribution point of view, what most satisfies end users is the ability of distributors to offer them an efficient omnichannel experience.”

Read the full interview here.

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