September 8, 2020 0

Fellowes Win BPGI Supplier Of The Year 2019

BPGI presented Fellowes with Supplier of the year 2019 at a recent meeting at the Fellowes UK Headquarters.

The award is based on a points scoring mechanism used by the membership to evaluate the vendor support on a local basis, measuring a number of key factors.

Barrie Hayes CEO of BPGI presented the award to James Webb, Fellowes European representative.

Fellowes’ Vice President of Central Europe & EU Marketing, James Webb commented:

“It was good to see you today and a big thanks for the award….It’s nice to be recognised and it’s also good to see our performance is reflected in the numbers – particularly in the current difficult climate, it’s even more of an honour. On behalf of everyone at Fellowes Brands, I would like to thank BPGI and its members for the support of the Fellowes product range over the past years”

Barrie Hayes said:

“Fellowes personnel work really hard at local level with the membership and that is obviously paying dividends.

Their continual support with the members both at local level and centrally enhances the performance of the collective membership. We are pleased to award them this title for 2019 on behalf of the membership”

Barrie Hayes continued

“The late timing for announcing and presenting the award is a result of the Covid situation. We felt it important to find the appropriate time to meet personally with Fellowes to present them the award.”

*both Barrie and James can confirm they are Covid free.

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