August 28, 2019 0

Henkel release EasyD4R

Adhesive products manufacturer, Henkel, has released a specially developed software tool to quickly establish the recyclability of a product.

The software on the new EasyD4R tool evaluates the recyclability of packaging based on its composition. It also looks at the individual weight proportions of components such as labels or colours. For all materials in question, the tool stores information on the suitability for identification during sorting, and for processing during recycling.

EasyD4R shows clear results displayed on a traffic-light evaluation system. This provides information on the recyclability of each design as a percentage and the material combinations which can be optimised for recycling. By doing so, it supports the development of sustainable packaging solutions.

In its packaging, Henkel has set itself the goal to make all packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025*. The proportion of recycled plastic used in packaging for consumer goods products in Europe should increase to 35 percent.

Henkel has now made this assessment tool publicly available, for free, on its website More companies and organisations can use it so that they too can develop sustainable packaging solutions more easily.

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