January 8, 2021 0

Initiative Office Products, International Success

Integra Business Solution’s own brand, Initiative, has become an international success through an exclusive licensing agreement with Office Brands, the largest independent business supplies dealer group in Australia.

Since its introduction in 2018, Initiative has grown to be the highest revenue brand for the group, making up over 13% of total catalogue product sales.  The portfolio of products has been steadily increasing from the 220 sku’s when we launched the brand to over 270 today with further products in the pipeline.

Andrew Gilbert, Head of Merchandise and Marketing for Office Brands, comments “Initiative gives our dealers excellent margins and a highly competitive price point. The brand is being used very successfully in bidding for new business and is included in all of our submissions for larger clients.  By focussing our product sourcing on a true value proposition rather than simply the lowest price, Initiative has grown its reputation as a good quality option at competitive prices.”

Office Brands will shortly be launching its ‘Charitable Initiative’, using Initiative branded products as the source of contributions. The group expects to raise around $100,000 in 2021 with the proceeds being donated throughout the year to worthy charities chosen by a panel of dealers.

Aidan McDonough, Integra’s CEO, adds “We are delighted to see how successful Initiative has been for Office Brands. They have worked incredibly hard to introduce relevant, quality products into the range and at the same time, some fantastic initiatives to support local communities and charities.

Integra and Office Brands are already closely aligned through our membership of BPGI and I look forward to working with Andrew and the team in 2021 and beyond.”

Since 1998, the Initiative brand has grown from strength to strength in the UK to become the most successful dealer group own brand with end user sales in excess of £18 million together with an award winning marketing support programme. For more information visit www.officebrands.com.au and www.integra-business.co.uk

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