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Integra Marketing update, Team members serve 25 years, Kevin Keegan at Integra Conference

This month sees two more members of staff celebrating 25 years of service with Integra. Sian Haskell, Marketing Director, and Simon Barlow, Creative Designer, have both been with Integra since 1997 and were recently recognised for their hard work and dedication to the group.

Sian started her career as an account manager for a multi-faceted marketing agency, managing campaigns for the likes of Yellow Pages and Twinings, whilst Simon began his creative design career with a publishing company producing local history books.

Aidan commented “Congratulations to both Sian and Simon on their 25 years of service. They are both integral to the group’s success and work incredibly hard to provide a consistently high level of support to our members and our key partners. I would personally like to thank them both for their commitment and support.”

Sian adds “There have been so many changes within the industry since I started back in 1997. The one thing that hasn’t changed however is the strong sense of unity within the group – not just within the Integra team but also amongst our members and key partners, many of whom have been with us since the NDA and Instat days. I am incredibly proud of what Integra has achieved over the years!”

Integra announces sporting legend Kevin Keegan as keynote speaker at 25th Anniversary ‘Strength Through Unity’ National Conference.

The former England international player and manager will deliver a speech to delegates on Thursday 17th November in Burton Upon Trent. The event is at the very fitting venue of St Georges Park, home to the FA and where the England men’s team will be preparing for the World Cup.

Kevin’s keynote will both entertain and inspire with more stories of his experiences throughout his renowned career. Delegates will be able to take part in an informal Q&A session. They will also be able to meet with Kevin for photos and guest signing.

Read more and book tickets now via this link.

Integra Business Solutions has launched its ‘Taking the Initiative’ 2023 Marketing Programme. This all-encompassing programme is designed to provide new ideas, initiatives, and opportunities for growth. From attracting new business to maximising sales with existing customers, members have access to a
comprehensive toolkit featuring everything they need to promote their products and services.

The programme features digital marketing, direct mail and FREE of charge catalogues, designed to also maximise sales in key growth areas such as Facilities Supplies, Workwear and PPE, Education, Furniture and Packaging Solutions.

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