July 17, 2020 Comments Closed

Nemo and Office Club provide dealer insight

UK dealer groups Nemo and Office Club recently carried out a survey to understand how members adapted during the pandemic.

Out of over 150 respondents, 40% had less than 10% of employees furloughed, while a quarter still had more than 75% of staff on furlough. Almost 25% of respondents said they were now operating at 80% of normal expected trading.

In terms of changing product mixes, two-thirds of dealers said COVID-19 specific lines make up less than 20% of sales, while 10% are at the other end of the scale, stating these items constitute 60% of revenue. With the anticipated transition to online during the pandemic, 72% of dealers reported less than 20% of sales coming via websites, suggesting there is still an appetite for buying from people, catalogues and retail outlets. 

Nemo and Office Club Managing Director Tim Beaumont commented:

“The survey has proved an informative exercise to aid our ongoing support for members as the landscape changes. Interestingly, home addresses only counted for a fifth of deliveries in the majority of cases, but the expectation is that this will remain a permanent service. We are working with dealers and vendors to support this trend efficiently, competitively and profitably.”

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