September 24, 2018 0

Nemo member reports sales growth

Boards Direct, a member of Nemo Evolve, reported an impressive 12% sales growth in 2018.

Member-owned business, Nemo, offers two levels of membership. These cater for start-ups trading below £350k turnover as well as larger businesses. The Evolve membership is for start-up groups, because it offers a tailored level of support.

Nemo Evolve members, Boards Direct, was founded 8 years ago and therefore specialise in visual display products, including whiteboards and notice boards.

Boards Direct pride themselves as leaders due to their commitment to customer service and the product guidance on offer. They believe this ethos has boosted sales by 12 per cent in 2018, crediting its commitment to customer service and its wide product range.

You can read more about Nemo’s membership range here.

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