November 16, 2020 0

Nemo & Office Club Provide Click & Collect Tools for Retailers

Nemo & Office Club wasted no time in jumping to the rescue of a number of members with the launch of a bespoke click & collect website available for retailers to communicate with their customers to arrange orders, collection times and payment solutions.

With the majority of retail stationers regarded as non-essential, click & collect and online is the only way these members are able to carry on trading and for those that were not already in a position to offer this service, the dealer groups had the sites ready to go within twenty-four hours of the second round of lockdown.
Nemo & Office Club MD, Tim Beaumont, explained:

“Throughout the first lockdown as a team we worked closely with our retail members identifying areas where they can still trade and discussing what we could all do differently if we went through a second lockdown. This put us in the position to be able to roll-out our additional support packages in record quick time to help those retailers that are not already geared towards selling online or organising click & collect.

“Members can now sign-up for a ready-to-go website that can be advertised to customers as a place where they can make requests, email orders and arrange collection times. For the retailer it keeps them in touch with their customers, provides a means for arranging click & collect orders and also gives them an additional presence online to attract additional local customers, particularly in these times when there is a real appetite to support independent businesses and keep purchases local.”

The Click & Collect websites are personalised for dealers and typically ready within a couple of days. Nemo and Office Club have also re-introduced weekly online video meetings with their retail members to encourage information sharing and support to each other, encouragingly all attendees of the first meeting this week are currently offering a click & collect service with 60% of those also offering a home delivery service.

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