September 24, 2018 Comments Closed

Nemo recommends best apps for the job

The Nemo Group, has gathered the 10 best apps for small businesses.

The independent purchasing and marketing dealer group specialise in offering tailored solutions to its members. Nemo know when you run a small business, you’re often pulled in several directions all at once. Not only are you in charge of everyday operations, but you also need to handle anything else that pops up.

Some of their best 10 apps include task management software, Todoist, project management tool, Trello, and secure oassword saver, LastPass. There are also some well-known favourites in there, such as Dropbox, Evernote, Hootsuite and Toggl.

All recommended apps are available on desktop, Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows. Read all about the apps on Nemo’s blog here.

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