September 24, 2021 0

Nemo says it’s all about hot desking post-pandemic

Now is a great chance to offer a new way of working, says dealer group Nemo.

As businesses adjust to a post-lockdown world, many are considering the continuation of remote-working policies as office occupancy rates reduce. Plus, recent surveys have shown that employees want to go back to the office for three main reasons: to collaborate with colleagues, to attend in-person meetings and to have a quiet place for individual work.

According to Nemo’s latest blog, this leads to a great opportunity. Offices can now be much more flexible in their working structures to meet the needs of the post-pandemic workforce.

Hot desking offers a way to change workspaces with a focus on collaborative spaces, while offering unassigned individual workstations. This can help keep costs low AND provide a good compromise between reduced in-house numbers and spacious empty offices.

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