December 23, 2021 0

Nemo’s new blog urges mobile safety

Our laptops and tablets are significant investments – but remember to also protect sensitive business data, says Nemo.

In today’s world of mobile workforces, guarding against device theft is the first line of defence to save data from falling into the wrong hands.

Dealer Group Nemo is reminding everyone about the importance and safety with its latest blog from member Kensington.

Mobile devices enable workplace flexibility, but their portability also makes them more likely to be stolen. Protecting them, and the sensitive information they contain, Nemo is urging businesses to think of investing in security products.

In the blog, authored by Kensington, there’s a comprehensive portfolio of physical security products to choose from. These include Kensington’s keyed and combination locks, portable locks, and locking stations. These provide a range of tough, reliable, and easy to use security solutions.

Read the blog in full here.

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