October 13, 2020 0

OD+ New Facility Management Catalogue Scheduled to Launch in January 2021

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OD+ had recently announced to the market the production of its first Catalogue specifically dedicated to Facility Management.

Over the last years, we have seen a significant and constant growth of product categories complementary to standard office products. These include: Furniture, PPE, Cleaning and Hygiene, Warehouse supplies, Packaging and more. These are categories that our customers have expressed interest in and, more importantly final users’ are demanding access to these product ranges.

The lock down has affected dramatically our habits and nudged workers towards new ways of living and working not only inside the office but also when working from home.

Franco Grossi, General Manager said, “It’s time to give more prominence to categories that had previously been scattered through out General Catalogue. These Facility Products have now been collected, structured, and highlighted in one single main catalogue. Enhancing visibility, associated detail and ease of purchase”. 

The new catalogue also includes useful associated product categories:  Exterior Furniture, Gardening, Wellness, Personal Care,… These are all categories that follow new trends and give a clear message: It doesn’t matter where you work and what your job is, taking care of yourself and the workplace where you spent most of your time will make the difference!

This new sales tool is a great opportunity for all our Customers to increase penetration among active accounts, identify and interact with new accounts and increase influence inside existing organisations. 

The new Facility Catalogue will comprise 500 pages detailing more than 7,000 items. The catalogue is scheduled to launch in January 2021 together with a reprint of the General Catalogue. For our Customers this increase in range and increased product presentation, means an increase in sales opportunities.

*translated via Google Translate

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