July 27, 2020 0

Offix CEO sees post-pandemic world will bring more multichannel sales

In an interview with Office Products International, Martin Kelterborn, CEO at Offix Holding sees more multichannel opportunities for in a post-Covid world.

Martin says the new normal should not be wasted on a few operational measures. However, it should encourage us to invest in the supreme discipline of corporate management.

Martin said: “With gratitude, I would say that Offix has come through the crisis very well, thanks to its multichannel sales strategy. Management has dealt with the situation critically and always with a view to the future. It is vital to recognise and use new opportunities. Any business that still has to revise its fundamental structures has not done its homework. 

For Offix Holding, the new normal has consequences, especially in terms of corporate culture. For Offix executives, it means to become more courageous. More ‘why not’ and less ‘yes, but’ thinking; and also hard, consistent and honest administration.”

Read the full interview here.

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