January 23, 2019 0

PEG increases stake in OFFIX Holding AG

Swiss dealer group PEG has increased its stake in OFFIX Holding AG from 40 to 80% in accordance with an agreement signed in 2015. OFFIX Holding AG has consolidated sales of around CHF 300 million and counts 250 employees. It was was the result of a merger between PEG and the Ecomedia Group back in 2015.

Christoph Clavadetscher, Chairman of the Board of PEG, said that in a very difficult market environment for the Swiss office trade, he expects this transaction will strengthen long-term strengthen the competitiveness of the many independent resellers in Switzerland.

Full Article: http://www.office-times.com/News/11549/peg_increases_stake_in_offix_holding_ag

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