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CORWELL Ltd. was founded in 1991 and is still 100% Hungarian owned company.

Office supplies wholesale: for dealers only!

Our assortment contains over 25 000 SKU.

Our mission: As a wholesaler we sell our products and services solely for dealers, supporting thus our partners to provide a service that meets and even exceeds their end-customers’ needs.

Our vision: Our intention for the long term is to be the market leader in the Hungarian office products market, in the meantime we are aiming to strengthen our position in Central and Eastern Europe, where we would like to become a significant player.

Our values: Whilst our aim is to be result-oriented, we still keep emphasis on the basic human values, such as straight-forwardness, predictability and the respect of our partners and colleagues.  An integral part of our daily task is our social, legal and market environment. Aiming for mutual benefits with our partners, playing an active role in the community and being environmentally conscious, are also basic values that we operate with.

Key Information
  • 2300 Dealer Members
  • Sales: €40 Million
  • HQ: Dunakeszi
  • Country/Countries: Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia & Czech Republic

Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia & Czech Republic

Laszlo Feher

In the past 30 years, our company has always stood next to its dealer partners, and this of course will continue to be so in the future, as well.  For this purpose we develop our organization, our tools and our services.  For us the statement ’we serve exclusively dealers’ is not only a slogan.  We have done this so far and we will be doing this in the future as well.

Our aim is to bring the Hungarian stationery dealers’ partners in such a position that they could provide suitable service right up to the expectations of their end-user partners.

In the past years CORWELL became the leading OP wholesaler in the Hungarian market.  This dominant presence is supplemented by a conscious international expansion so as a first important step we have founded a subsidiary in the Slovak Republic in 2007 and another in the Czech Republic at the end of 2012 and the latest acquisition in November 2015 in Croatia.

We do not just want to sell to our partners!  We believe that with the optimal operation of the distribution channels, and through the close co-operation with our trading partners, and by the transfer of the international experience (know-how), we can ensure the competitiveness of our trading partners on the end-user market.

Laszlo Feher, Managing Director

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