Nemo Office Club

Nemo Office Club provide dealers with a comprehensive range of support services focused on the fundamental objective; to make members more profitable.

Constantly adapting, and monitoring the marketplace, the group provide access to literally tens of thousands of products, ranging from PPE and Workwear to Furniture, Facilities Supplies and everything in-between; sourced with preferential trading terms for members whether they are selling online, face-to-face, via publications and direct marketing, or in a retail environment. With over 100 supporting vendors, plus a unique Style brand for differentiation when competing on core lines, Nemo & Office Club dealers offer their customers a complete stationery, office and workplace solution.

In addition to the increased buying power through collaboration, Nemo & Office Club provide an extensive range of marketing tools that can be tailored to dealer’s needs, resources and skills – This ranges from providing members with access to a hub of marketing tools from which members can take the content to pro-actively use themselves, or they can opt for a fully managed service using the experience and expertise within the group to provide best practice marketing. Whether it is providing online support, digital marketing, traditional direct mail or access to our industry-leading retail POS programme; the support is there to grow sales.

The full support package provided to dealers extends beyond the traditional purchasing and marketing, for member to continue to grow sales profitably the group offering includes the provision of training, exclusive networking events, expertise in IT Systems, business development and the all-important support and collaboration that epitomises the notion that ‘together we’re stronger’.

Key Information
  • 330 Dealer Members
  • End User Sales: €580 Million
  • Offices: Atherstone
  • Country/Countries: UK


Tim Beaumont

Tim Beaumont, Managing Director

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