December 22, 2021 0

STAEDTLER’s iconic Noris brand is 120!

Staedtler says Happy Birthday, Noris!  

First registered in 1901, today Noris is a well-known classic in STAEDTLER’s product range which appeals to all ages. Its distinctive yellow and black stripe pattern makes the Noris brand much-loved throughout the generations.

But, Noris didn’t always look like that! In 1934, Staedtler launched the Noris 1100 which was a dark yellow with a traditional brown stripe pattern. The yellow and black striped exterior didn’t come along until 1955 and the Noris 120 – which has stayed with us until the present day.

Even from a young age, children can enjoy the Noris range which encourages correct grip and aids first writing exercises.

Staedtler is thrilled to celebrate 120 years of diversity and stories from all over the world.

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