July 27, 2020 0

Superstat MD sees post-pandemic world will see traditional business u-turn

In an interview with Office Products International, Alex Dunn, Managing Director at Superstat sees Covid-19 having a step-change on traditional business.

As the rise of e-commerce comes through, the pandemic will continue to move more people online, says Alex. It could also mean it will take a long time for people to return to traditional retail – if at all.

One area where dealers do expect to see continued growth is in the technology sector. Long after sales have ceased to be propped up by coronavirus-related hygiene and safety supplies.

Alex said: “Having seen a big upheaval in UK wholesale, dealers see an efficient, lower-cost model essential to future profitability. Where dealer principals have been more hands-on recently, they are also looking at streamlining their logistics and purchasing processes. At the same time, their customers have been much more flexible in their service expectations during the crisis, which is adding to that thought process.

“At Superstat, the whole industry shake-up has probably given us a more relevant offering for the future. We’ll also have better margin opportunities for dealers and a vast range of technology products and expertise.”

Read the full interview here.

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