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Top French dealer rebrands

France’s largest independent dealer has tweaked its name to better reflect its areas of specialisation.

Since 1 January, Lacoste Dactyl Buro Office is to be known as Lacoste Dactyl Bureau & Ecole [office and school]. The change comes now the integration of the Lacoste and Dactyl Buro teams has been completed following the deal that brought the two resellers together at the end of 2018.

The Dactyl Buro Office entity has been officially merged into Lacoste, but both names are being kept due to their strong market notoriety – Dactyl in the centre of the country and Lacoste in the south. The company’s new colour scheme of red, white and blue underlines its French ownership, as does the use of the French words for ‘office’ and ‘school’ in the name.

The addition of ‘école’ underlines Lacoste Dactyl’s ambition to grow in the educational sector – it is looking to double its sales in this vertical to around €30 million ($37 million) over the next five years. It is also planning to take share in the office channel by increasing its presence in the public sector and expanding in the north of France.

As part of its reorganisation last year, Lacoste Dactyl – which had pre-COVID annual sales of around €100 million – established a purchasing/marketing department that is being led by former Alkor/Mauscule Purchasing Director Jean-Pierre Maternowski.

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