Alkor Groupe

The Alkor Group is a cooperative group of 130 members spread across the whole of France.

Founded in 1959, Alkor is present in the world of school supplies and office supplies through its three brands Majuscule, Burolike and iOBURO.

Majuscule has a network of more than 100 distributors who are very involved locally and specialize in school supplies or office supplies.

Burolike brings together more than 30 distributors around a dynamic selection of office supplies and furniture for businesses.

iOBURO is the Retail brand of the Alkor Group. Founded in 2019, iOBURO is developing a network of stores around its office and school offering aimed at the general public and very small businesses, but also around modern tools such as its Click & Collect website or its digital loyalty card.

The Alkor Group relies on highly automated logistics to deliver orders to its members within 24 hours a day. Occupying nearly 44,000m² of surface area, Alkor's logistics production absorbs strong peaks in activity during the school season and initially puts around 800 pallets per day during peak periods. This production is ensured in accordance with the triple certification of the Alkor Group, around the axes of Quality, Safety and Environment and to which the cooperative is committed every day. IT and Digital are among the main subjects that the Alkor Group energizes in order to ensure the growth of its members and the level of service desired by their customers.

Key Information
  • 150 Dealer Members
  • End User Sales: €550 Million
  • HQ: Saint Quentin
  • Country: France


Laurent Proy

Laurent Proy, Directeur General (Managing Director)

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