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February 10, 2018 0

ACCO Brands Launches UK Dealer Portal

ACCO Brands has rolled out My ACCO Brands portal exclusively for resellers in the UK business supplies market.

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February 7, 2018 0

Duracell teases Philly About Its History With Throwing Batteries In Perfect Super Bowl Tweet

As soon as Philadelphia made its playoff run to the Super Bowl, there were jokes about batteries. After all, this is the city of fans known for throwing them on the field and even at Doug Pederson during his playing days. And while there have been no reports of massive throwing of batteries post-any Eagles games…

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February 3, 2018 0

Back-to-school Success Pushes BIC Sales Higher

A strong regional back-to-school (BTS) performance boosted Q4 sales for BIC, capping off an otherwise difficult year. In the manufacturer’s stationery segment, sales rose 2.4% in constant currency at €172.4 million ($215 million). 

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February 2, 2018 0

Exacompta & Staedtler: Paper Show Awards 2018 Winners Revealed

Belgian office supplies trade association BOSTA has announced the winners of its annual Paper Show awards. 

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January 31, 2018 0

Newell Brands Looks To Reduce Global Footprint

Shares in Newell Brands have plummeted by nearly 20% after it revealed a plan to halve its global factory footprint by 2019.

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January 29, 2018 0

President of Fellowes Canada To Retire

Fellowes has announced that Jim Edmonds will be retiring as President of Fellowes Canada.

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January 28, 2018 0

Huge Equipment On Its Way To Sofidel

An industrial sized dryer that is more than 22 feet in diameter is making its way through southern Ohio and will be driving through Pickaway County Monday. The convoy is traveling so slowly, that it is projected to take some 10 hours to make it through the county on Monday.

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January 26, 2018 0

Avery’s Hunt For Counterfeit Product Resellers

OPI spoke to office products vendor Avery about how it is trying to crack down on resellers selling counterfeit products on Amazon’s online marketplace.

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January 19, 2018 0

Pentel: Power of the Pen

Speak to some of the biggest players in the writing instruments sector about the current state of the market and you get a very mixed response.

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January 10, 2018 0

Avery: The Next Generation Inspires The Nation To Be Greener

Green Office Week 2017 launches today and Avery is on a mission to help UK office workers who are keen to go green. With the knowledge that it takes 21 days to change your habits, workforces will be encouraged by Primary School children to make continued small changes that will have a big environmental impact….

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